It's all about the cat
Even though this site is an extensive assortment of both feline and non-feline graphics, it's dedicated to THE CAT. Cat The Mystical, Cat The Weird, Cat The Inconsistent, Cat The Inapprehensible, Cat The Untamable. The very four-legged animal that is accompanying humans for countless centures but still remaining The Great Mystery to them. The Cat is hard to comprehend. The Cat is hard to please. The Cat is hard to... whatever. But if there had been no cats, what would this world have looked like?
Cat... Kitties... Felines...
So you are a proud owner of (but in reality, are being owned by) a Felix domestica aka Felis catus, cat, kitty, furball or occasionally even get-out-now-you-nasty-creature ;) but in search of cat graphics for your desktop or your web site? Then you've come to the right place - Blue Cat's Graphics is a little heaven for all cat lovers in the world.

You are invited to explore the feline graphics galore: cat desktop themes, cat Firefox themes, bordered and tiled cat backgrounds, cat icons, cat folder icons and cat animated cursors. May your computer screen or web place be caterrific and purrfect! :)
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Feel lost? Or just anxious to know what can be found at Blue Cat's Graphics? Then the expanded list of all available graphic categories is your best friend.

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New Icons
Lovely green eyed and round faced kitties.
Bobtails - tiny, cute and disheveled.
Anime Cats
Meet Anime Cats - weird and charming, painted luminous and crazy colors and go to the download page to grab them all.
Dog Icons
Cats, cats, cats... Hey you may say, what about dogs? Don't they deserve their own icons? Sure thing they do! Here is a few - go to the dog icons page to see the rest of the set and download.
Get Firefox!

Firefox themes
Click any image below for a full sized screenshot and download link.
Red Cats (green flavor)
Turn your Firefox into Firecat with Red Cats (green flavor)! If the green color does not appeal to you, take a closer look at the blue flavor of Red Cats.
Curacao theme. Click to enlarge!
This exotic yet exquisite alliance of blue and brown is called Curacao.
Cat Smilies
Funny tiny kitty faces! This set of 18 cat smilies is something brand new for all cat fans. :)
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